scan_anime - retrive video/audio info from anime files


scan_anime-r ] [ -v ] [ -u ] [ -o output file ] [ -c cache file ] [ -f format string ] [ path... ]


scan_anime scans files and directories and retrives video and audio information using MPlayer ( movie player. Additionally crc sums are retrived from sfv files. Output format for extracted information can be specified by giving format string argument. The data can be stored in and read from cache file(s), which can greatly speed up scanning process, for periodical incremental updates.

For example, to scan *.ogm and *.avi files in current directory, you might say

        scan_anime *.ogm *.avi

To scan recursively Anime1/ directory, using cache files cache*.csv and to update cache3.csv file, you'd use

        scan_anime -c cache3.csv -c "cache*.csv" -u -r Anime1/


-r, --recursive
Recursive: scan all files under each directory, recursively.

-v, --verbose
Verbose: turn on verbose output. The default output is non verbose.

-o, --output-file output file
Output: output extracted info to the specified file.

-c, --cache-file cache file
Cache: read info from cache file. cache file file can contain wildcards, also multiple options -c can be specified.

-u, --update
Update: update the first specified cache file.

-f, --format-string format string
Format: print format string on the standard output, interpreting `\' escapes and `%' directives. The escapes and directives are:
                Carriage return.
                Horizontal tab.
                A literal backslash (`\').
                File's name.
                File's name with any leading directories removed (only the last element).
                Leading directories of file's name (all but the last element).
                File's size in bytes.
                File's modification time.
                SFV (simple file verification) CRC sum.
                Width of the video in pixels.
                Height of the video in pixels.
                Video codec.
                Video length.
                Video framerate (frames per second).
                Video bitrate in kBits/second (1kBit = 1000 Bits.).
                Audio codec.
                Audio codec ID.
                Audio bitrate in kBits/second.
                Audio frequency in Hz.



        Used to find mplayer executable.




perl(1), Video::Info(3)


You are welcome to fix all bugs in this script. ;)